Economic Benefits

  • There will be direct and indirect economic benefits to the development
  • Local contractors/skilled workers will be used wherever possible during the construction period
  • Range of civils contracts available for tender
  • Once operational, several full-time maintenance jobs will be created
  • Further opportunities for companies supplying goods and services
  • Local companies will be encouraged to tender for works
  • Contracts valued at millions of pounds will be put out to tender. A meet the developer day will be organised to encourage and help local companies put themselves forward for contract opportunities

Community Benefits

  • ESB will set up a community benefit fund to the value of £5k per installed MW meaning £176,000 (index-linked) every year to the local area
  • There are a wide range of community benefit options
  • We are keen to understand the preferences of people living locally in order to develop a scheme that best meets local needs
  • We will set up a dedicated Community Benefit Fund and we would like to thank all those who have engaged with us to date on the community aspects of the project. Please contact us with your views